Sundance Family Dentistry creates a super fun dental visit for your child and our doctors have taken continuing education courses specifically on treating children’s oral health. This personalized experience will begin as soon as you walk in the door. We have a children’s play area, separate from the welcome room, for families to enjoy.

During the appointment, we will treat your child in a way to provide a positive enjoyable visit. We allow parents to come into the room while your child is being treated. After the appointment, our talented staff create balloon creations for our pediatric patients, our treasure box will have prizes that will make your child smile and excited to return for their next visit.

Those of you who are in later phases of life can also have your dental visit personalized. You will relax in our tranquil welcome room. During your appointment, we will have your favorite genre of music playing in your treatment room. We will listen to your concerns and address each one.

Feel free to let us know what we can do to create your ideal dental experience.