Complimentary Comfort Menu

Your comfort is our top priority! At Sundance, we do everything we can to make your dental experience a great one. We offer a complimentary comfort menu for all of our patients.

Spa Towel

A steamed hot towel infused with essential oils (lavender), this hot towel treatment will help you feel relaxed and refreshed at the end of your dental appointment.

Bottled Water

We need to stay hydrated in this great sunshine state!


Get that nice minty fresh taste in your mouth before you walk out the door.


Feeling a chill in the air? Let us know. We have a nice cozy blanket that has your name on it!


Although the headrests on our dental chairs are very adjustable, sometimes the added support of a pillow helps provide even more.

Tooth Pillow

Jaw muscles getting tired? Let us know and we can place a tooth pillow to help your mouth muscles relax.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Listen to your favorite music while dampening the surrounding sounds. Plug them into your device or we can play your choice of music for you.


Sit back, relax and watch one of your favorite classics. Ask us for a list of movies we have available. Shorter visit? Ask a team member to play one of your favorite YouTube channels!

The Wand

Using a pressure sensor, this anesthetic delivery computer will help make your dental injections as comfortable as possible. It also allows for new techniques that help you feel less numb in your cheeks, lips and tongue.

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